A guy and his bike. Odd jobs and odder situations. Women want to love him and that's when he departs. Love may be eternal, but knowledge is his true passion. Kintaro Oe is Golden Boy, The Wandering Student. This gallery is just a small page in Kintaro's ever-present notebook. Benkyou!

Cels are labeled with the approximate time they appear in the episode.

News & Updates

6/12/2009It's been more than a year since I've added more art, so this will be my biggest update. 11 Kintaro cels, 6 Madam cels, 3 Naoko cels, 4 Noriko cels, 1 Ayuko cel, 2 Chie cels, and 10 Misc. items. Enjoy!
3/30/2008Added 3 new Madams and 1 Naoko. Enjoy!
8/25/2007Has it been a year since I updated?! To make up for that, I've added 6 Kintaros, 2 Naokos, 1 Ayuko and 1 Noriko.
8/17/2006Added 2 new GBs. Added my first ever Bleach genga. And added 2 fan art pieces. Hope you like!

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Title Last Updated
Golden Boy - Kintaro 6/12/2009
Golden Boy 1 - Madam President 6/12/2009
Golden Boy 2 - Naoko 6/12/2009
Golden Boy 3 - Noriko 6/12/2009
Golden Boy 4 - Ayuko 6/12/2009
Golden Boy 5 - Reiko 6/17/2006
Golden Boy 6 - Chie 6/12/2009
Golden Boy - Misc. 6/12/2009
Odds and Ends 8/17/2006

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